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Financial Advisor for Excel (Full) 4.2.4

Financial Advisor for Excel (Full) 4.2.4: A wide selection of the most useful financial formulas and models templates. Borrowing, business profitability, discounted cash flows, financial planning, investing, bonds, cost of capital, options, valuation and more in this financial toolbox!!! Financial Advisor for Excel is the Swiss Army Tool of financial calculators: loans, NPV, bonds, etc. It`s a powerful tool that consists of 73 different financial calculators.

Model Analyzer for Excel 2.0.0: Analyze data in your spreadsheets with Model Analyzer for Excel.
Model Analyzer for Excel 2.0.0

model quickly, easily and without having to make changes in the logic of your models. (Multi Scenarios Manager) Perform a sensitivity analysis and determine the impact of variables using Tornado Graphics, Spider Graphics and Sensitivity Tables, in just seconds, without changing your model (What-if Analysis Manager) Perform a goal seek analysis or instantly determine equilibrium points for several periods and/or scenarios. (Spreadsheet Goal Seeker

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Spreadsheet Auditor for Excel 2.4.4: Identify, analyze and correct errors in your Excel models in a easy manner
Spreadsheet Auditor for Excel 2.4.4

models or understand the structure and problems of models developed by others, Spreadsheet Auditor for Excel features a set of tools that will allow you to identify, analyze and correct errors in a simple, easy manner – just in seconds – probably saving you millions of Dollars, or your lifetime savings. Although Excel is the most popular tool used in the development of decision models, it is also true that there are errors or problems in derivatives

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FinanCalc for Excel (Full) 3.1.0: Essential and poweful financial calculators in one toolbox.
FinanCalc for Excel (Full) 3.1.0

FinanCalc for Excel is a special financial calculators toolbox for users who need to solve the most usual financial calculations directly into their Excel spreadsheets. Do you need a more powerful tool? Try Financial Advisor for Excel. NOTE: You can upgrade FinanCalc for Excel to Financial Advisor for Excel, simply paying the difference.

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Chart Tools for Excel 2.0.1: With Chart Tools has never been so easy to handle Excel line charts.
Chart Tools for Excel 2.0.1

With this Excel add-in you will be able to: Copy and paste format from a chart to another one, Resize and save charts, Add images, Add and move labels, Configure quickly the most common tasks in your spreadsheets and More... Chart Tools for Excel is a part of Model Assistant Suite; whereby, if you purchase this product you will obtain a special discount for the rest of components.

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Categorizing Data for Excel 2.5.0: Categorizing or stratifying specific data of your Excel spreadsheet.
Categorizing Data for Excel 2.5.0

If your problem consists in categorizing or stratifying specific data of your Excel spreadsheet information, then Categorizing Data for Excel is the solution. Categorizing Data for Excel is a part of Model Assistant Suite; wherefore, if you purchase this product you will obtain a special discounting for the rest of components.

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Navigation Tools for Excel 1.1.0: Monitor your Microsoft Excel models with accuracy, quickness and ease.
Navigation Tools for Excel 1.1.0

Monitor and visualize your Microsoft Excel models with accuracy, quickness and ease. Model Navigator is a useful tool built by Jabsoft, which will allow you, quickly, to make the often performed tasks in your Excel models development. With this useful add-in you will: Browse through your models, Monitor a specific cell all the time, Rotate, hide, show, add, delete, arrange, protect, unprotect your spreasheets with one click, and more.

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